Gerard Pique’s mother defends Clara Chia Marty in secret meeting with Shakira

dispute between Gerard Piqué You Shakira does not stop, because recently breast Footballer has a . was secret meeting The singer accompanied the Colombian at a baseball game of one of her children. At this meeting, the Montserrat Bernabeu intervened for his new daughter-in-law and according to reports, now rescue tooth and nail, for which he was full of praise Clara Chia Martis A condition in front of Barranquillara that surprised the paparazzi present there.

Much has been said about the new girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, Clara Chia Martiswell, a few days later Shakira Announcing his separation from the footballer, the Cule defender did not hesitate to reveal his new courtship with one of Cosmos’ employees and, despite the fact that he did not make a statement, the player had a huge meeting with his new teammate. displayed themselves in the program, who were caught showing signs of affection.

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