Gerard Pique’s pact for Shakira in secret segment and AWAY Clara Chia Marty

It was informed through a press release that finally Shakira You Gerard Piqué they had arrived compromise With regard to the custody of our children, this is to ensure the betterment of their future and above all to ensure their privacy. However, in recent times there has been speculation of a secret section where the colombians tried to avoid One Clara Chia Martis About the life of Sasha and Milan.

After several months of arguing over the issue of the custody of Sasha and Milan, where the two had many differences of opinion Shakira to like Gerard Piqué The one who put obstacles in reaching an agreement, the famous finally gave up and reached a compromise Finally, for the benefit of your children. In the deal they sign together with their lawyers, it is made clear that they see their future filled with prosperity and away from the media war that now exists over the issue of their separation. This is why the Colombian has decided to move to Miami with the kids; However, the former football player will be able to visit him 10 days a year.

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