Gerard Piqué’s son Sasha, angry with his father, ran away to see Shakira (VIDEO)

shakira why Gerard Piqué They have been the center of many news in the international media when they announced their separation after months of talks and negotiations and agreed on the future of their children Milan and Sasha.

The famous couple agreed on the best option for their children, which was that they both move to Miami, where they would live with singer Barranquillara.

A few days ago, amid the family’s uproar and the judicial verdict, the former football player and the artist were imprisoned in the same place game show of his eldest son, Milan, According to Spanish media reports, the reunion was inconvenient And it was limited to a slight eye contact between the two, as the Spaniard was clearly with his current partner, Clara ChiaTo watch your child play.

According to the portal «from Spain, shakira She caught the attention of spectators at the sporting event, who looked at her with a smile and good attitude, and even allowed several people to approach her and take pictures with her. estrangement She tries to use her phone to stay out of the public eye, so much so that it looks like she’s hiding so no one will notice.

In this day of children’s play, attendees took the opportunity to document the ex-partner’s behavior, and in one of the videos displayed you can see a particular situation he experienced. estrangement When she was with her second son, Sasha.

“According to the images published by, the minor’s father accompanied his elder brother to the game and accompanied him in the stands.”Europa Press » and uploaded to a twitter account, we can appreciate it by watching shakira In the distance, Sasha really wanted to go up to him and greet him affectionately.

The video also shows the exact moment the boy was in his father’s arms, trying to free himself and go Gerard grabbed her and started talking to her, trying to calm her down, but little He was very angryA few seconds later, as can be seen in the video, Sasha got permission from her father and ran to find her mother.

The second son of the famous family ran up to his mother, surprised her and gestured lovingly behind her, shakira he was on his phone and it showed Surprised why Feliz to see his son where he is.

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