Germany is using artificial intelligence to stop eagles from flying into wind turbines

Lesser spotted eagles ride thermal currents in the plains with German government-owned onshore wind farms. These birds are not used to vertical obstacles because their eyes are focused on the prey, therefore, Sometimes the rotor blades of a wind turbine collide,

A group of enlisted German researchers Eight species have died since 2002But although this is a small number, the species is at risk of extinction in the country.

To remedy this situation, reform of the federal nature conservation law (run by Olaf Scholz’s coalition government) reduced the construction of wind farms close to nesting sites, however, Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered collision avoidance systems can reduce accidents.

Eagle detection system.
identity flight

Software engineers from the company IdentiFlight are feeding thousands of images into an algorithm so neural networks will connect to a camera system on top of a ten-meter tower See the eagle from a distance of 750 meters,

It will send electronic alerts to the advance turbine so that Takes 20-40 seconds to switch to ‘rolling mode’ (no more than two revolutions per minute), in addition, thanks to the drop in speed, eagles will be able to fly safely between the blades.

Wind turbines will reduce carbon dioxide by more than 200,000 tons per year.

first test

The Guardian notes that “IdentiFlight spent three years testing its collision avoidance systems at six supervised sites in Germany, and says its neural network has Rates of over 90% for identifying and classifying red kitesThe first bird of prey in which it has been trained for German territories”.

The company expects the system to be certified to detect endangered eagles in the coming weeks.

There are 165 wind turbines in this wind farm.

The future of wind farms in Germany

In the coming years, wind farms will be able to To be built outside a radius of 1.5 km around the nest of the lesser spotted eagle.

Developers can see Forced to take extra measures to protect birds at riskLike shutting down turbines while nearby fields are being cut.

Meanwhile, the turbines will not be allowed to shut down for the entire breeding season, and the rotor blades will not be allowed to remain stationary if the farm’s power output drops by 4-8%.

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