Get ready to see the little-known photos of Andrea Legareta

Andrea Legaretta is one of our nation’s favorite drivers, In addition to her charisma, her long and successful artistic career has allowed her to win the affections of soap operas, musicals, and television shows. But this is also one of the most controversial and the most recent happened when she shared a message on Instagram, where he announced the departure of one of his comrades in the morningWhich created uncertainty among the followers of the program.

But now it has become the center of discussion, thanks to a series of pictures that have come to light and where you can see what it was like. when he was starting his career in music and driving,

The popular host began her involvement in television when she was only two years old, making commercials. At the age of eight she started studying singing, dancing and acting at the Televisa Artistic Training Center and made some sporadic appearances in the Mexican series.

But it was at the age of 16 when he started his career in good shape, joining the musical group Fresas con crema. In Mexican soap operas he was in “My Second Mother” as his debut and the last was “Que Pobres Tan Ricos”. Regarding the pictures surfaced on social media The first was published by her friend Ludwika Paleta.,

Palette published the photo next to Andrea Legaretta
Photo: Tw Ludwik Palette

The second photo was published by Andrea Legaretta himself, He has uploaded a snapshot on his Instagram account where he can be seen In his debut in Driving in the musical Futura program, “My God!! Hahahahaha this is from memory, this is living example that either helps you or kills you hahahaha ???????? More than 25 years ago when I hosted the #MúsicaFutura #TBT event Thi ?? ??”, the post can read.

Legaretta showed a photo from about 25 years ago
Photo: IG Andrea Legaretta

Why don’t you make soap operas anymore?

Although Hoy’s host found great success in soap operas, she assures that she is not interested in returning to that industry right now. This is because she wants to take advantage of the time she has, to be with her daughters and her husband, Eric Rubin.

“The truth is, over the years I’ve really enjoyed being with my girls, being able to support them, being able to attend, and the program giving me the opportunity to do other projects. Do it, be with my girls, support them and give them advice. Besides, Eric travels a lot, is on tour or in the studio a lot and it is very important for me to be present”

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