Gloria Trevi responds to criticism for her appearance

Gloria Trevi then responded to users who questioned her physical changes (Photo: Instagram/@gloriatrevi)

from a few days ago Gloria Trawick had his fans worried about him physical changesbut it also started criticism against him; However, the singer responded, clarifying that she is not worried about the comments about her appearance.

Amidst the promotion of Gloria Trevi’s new song, he was wrongThe singer attended the program of Adrian Uribe at night but without sleep, There he recorded several videos for the social network and one of them, shared on the profile of instagram De Uribe caught the attention of Internet users.

And it’s in the video in which the interpreter with eyes closed Dancing their song, it’ll take more slim Her fans were used to seeing her, so the publication was full of comments about her. appearance,

However, Gloria was not silent, as she replied in the comments that she does not need the approval of others, only hers. Apart from this, he noted that he has also shared the video on his account. TIC Toc Why “Take two tablespoons”,

“I spent it with mom Adrian!!! Oh and for those who are criticizing me, there I put it on my tiktok so they can take two spoons, I want to like myself!… And I like myself, and I love those who say nice things with all my soul,

The comment was applauded by her fans, who congratulated her and supported her with messages like “That’s right”, while others insisted they felt worried about her sudden weight change.

Gloria's reaction to the criticism (Screenshot: Instagram)
Gloria’s reaction to the criticism (Screenshot: Instagram)

And it is that in this publication, although there were users who made comments showing their concern for Trevi’s health, most criticized him, primarily for how his body looks.

It began several months ago, when the interpreter began to undergo aesthetic procedures.

“What’s Happening to Trevi”, “Don’t stain, nothing to do with Gloria Trevi before”“How skinny, her head looks bigger than her body too”, “Your body looks so weird”, were some of the responses.

Also, the video in which the singer introduced the actresses who would play her in her biographical series was criticize his facesuch as: “I love Trevi, but it abuses the filter”, “What happened to your face”, “I know it was an insult to your face. She was so beautiful”, “How savage, What have you done to yourself!!!! I thought you were Lorena Herrera”.

It happened for the first time and went viral in August; After this he also replied to the criticism by writing “would you like aIf jealousy fooled you… oh, only for her”.

These are not the only criticisms that the interpreter has made. you didn’t want to hurt me Because, with the announcement of her biographical series, the public has questioned whether Gloria would actually allow her life to be portrayed, especially since there was scandal over the matter. Clan Trevi-Andrade,

Initially, series creator Carla Estrada questioned whether Sergio Andrade would actually be a part of the project.

However, in the presentation of the production, they are meHe confirmed that not only Andrade would be discussed and the charges that landed him in prison, but also his daughter, Anna Dale, who died under strange circumstances.

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