Gloriella: the beautiful Mexican Vedette who was murdered the day before her birthday

Among the most striking artists in the 70s and 80s were the so-called Starswho has conquered Mexican cinema With her revealing dresses full of color and brightness, and with her dances in which she exudes sensuality. was one of them gloriellaBeautiful dancer and actress who ended her days tragically because He was murdered the day before his birthday In cold blood, so far without reason.

Gloria Cardenas Sandovalreal name of beautiful show girl, was born on December 3, 1953 in Ixtlahuacán, Colima. At a very young age, she began her career as a dancer in nightclubs, and in the late 1960s when she joined the cast of the Esperanza Iris City Theater, a burgeoning troupe; In addition, she is remembered for being the first artist to be completely naked on stage.

At its inception, it shared credits with other recognized Stars as lin mayuWhich still agrees with her music and controversial statements. According to some press of the time, gloriella She was supposed to appear in the film “Tivoli” (1974), but other actors were eventually cast. Cárdenas Sandoval participates in the “Midnight Variety” event with Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, Rossi Mendoza and Princess Yamal as she is involved in a robbery.

Gloriella is best remembered for being the first artist to be completely naked on stage. Photo: Special

Gloriella was murdered the day before her birthday

According to the information published by the weekly Processo after the murder, Gloria Cardenas it was the killing Two Shots, on 2 December 2005, only A day before he was 52. became ofwhile he was in his business, was located in kolyma, his home state. After retiring from the artistic medium, the artist devoted himself to the acquisition and rental of houses, farms and buildings.

According to data from the State Attorney’s Office, gloriellawho was one of Stars The beloved at the time, died after receiving two bullets fired by a man between the ages of 52 and 57, who fled the scene. According to an eyewitness, the business woman had also suffered a chest injury the first time and once she was on the floor of her office, she was injured a second time, for which the incident was classified as a . cold blooded murder,

The media reported in December 2005 that featured She was still alive when she was treated by Red Cross paramedics who arrived at the scene, but died in hospital. Until now, the motives of the crime are unknown, as they have never been revealed to the press and her death remains a mystery among the stories of successful actresses in national cinema.

Sundar Vedette was murdered in cold blood. Photo: Special

His Time in Mexican Cinema

gloriella He debuted in the film “Capulina Contra los Monstroos” (1973) in collaboration with the famous comedian Gaspar Henin. This film was followed by one of her most memorable roles in “Rarotonga” (1977), in which she showcased her talent for dance, however, due to salary problems, she did her next film about the character, “La Isla”. did not participate in. De Rarotonga” (1980), in which she was replaced by Princess Lee.

For her participation in Gustavo Alatriste’s film “On the Hunger Rope”, she was nominated for the Ariel Award for Best Female Supporting Actor. His other films are: “La Corrillo” (1980) and “El sexo sentido” (1980), where he shared credits with Andrés García. In 1989 he played a small role in “Santa Sangre” by Alejandro Jodorowski. In the early 1980s, beautiful show girl He retired from business after getting married, although he returned to nightclubs, theater and films a few years later.

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