Going out with a co-worker? Here are some things to keep in mind

Office romances are difficult and generally not recommended; it is a fact. But since love and attraction are said to happen frequently, but when it happens in a workplace, then one of three things can happen: it could hamper your reputation and cause your career to suffer; it ends amicably and neither of them disappoints the other; or all goes well.

Talk about worst case scenarios that could happen and how you would handle them. Breaking up can be complicated and both of you find it uncomfortable to stay in the same space. Will both continue to work for the same company if they have decided on a future together? Before anyone gets hurt, clarify how much this relationship means to you. It might be wise to back off if the discomfort of a potential public split and potential changes to your job aren’t worth the risk.

Keep the following office appointment rules in mind to play it safe.

Don’t spread your dating news in a hurry.

There’s no need to announce “the news” of your new relationship with your cubicle mate via mass email. People won’t care, they’ll think it’s annoying or inappropriate, or they’ll be envious. Be tactful when sharing the news. Once you feel like there could be a future here, make a mutual decision with your partner about how and when you want to tell your co-workers about your relationships. There is no need to share if no one seems to notice.

Set dating rules with your partner.

You and your new partner need to decide on the important rules of office romance and develop a strategy for how you will maintain professionalism and adhere to established or unestablished regulations. What will your back-up plan be in case you are criticized by a manager, gossip or if something goes wrong?

Prioritize your work within the office

office 6Do your homework and focus on your work, especially if you want to cut down on gossip. Office colleagues are usually not interested in your intense love affair; They may hear you showing a lot of interest, but then they can pass on the gossip. Avoid talking about the relationship with others because it can distract them or make them feel uncomfortable. A disgruntled employee could also complain to Human Resources. So work hard and leave no stone unturned to impress your bosses. Even if your love story reaches his table, he may not react to your excellent performance at work.

Never get involved in PDA

PDA is considered the biggest mistake in a professional place. Many times, it can cost you your job. The office sets several rules when you join a workplace: sexual harassment, office romance, and sexual activity or PDA delivery are also mentioned on this list. When FLW, preferential treatment, or public words of affection are reported to HR, at a minimum, an investigation is initiated. So make sure you keep a proper distance in the office.

Decide the future prospect with your partner

office7When a relationship becomes more serious, a person often decides to quit their job altogether, as the more committed they are, the more likely their relationship is to interfere with their ability to do their job. This is why so many companies have laws against nepotism. It’s important to consider this early on and keep it in mind as your relationship develops.

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