Golden Cinema: Video shows that George Negrete was unrecognizable before his death

George Negrete He is one of the most representative figures Mexican Golden CinemaHis elegant demeanor, added to his unforgettable voice, “transformed” him.Singing“One of the most famous national symbols in Mexican culture. His charisma and charm brought him love”a woman, Maria Felix, In the same way a fairly friendly “rivalry was won with”mexico statue, Pedro Infante,

picture of “type of care“The extent with which Jorge Negrete is remembered is so great that it is almost impossible to imagine it in another way, unfortunately the last days of the life of the eternal acting rival of Pedro Infante were not entirely pleasant.

“Charo Cantor” suffered a disease Which drastically reduced his quality of life, turning his last moments into a difficult test, The actor passed away at the age of 42. In Los Angeles, California, USA, their “far from”mexico beautiful and darling,

“Charo Cantor” suffered a disease that lowered his standard of living
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What was the cause of death of George Negret?

George Negrete suffering from a strong liver cirrhosis a sequel instigated from the left for type c hepatitis that he had contracted before he died, The disease left him practically unrecognizableHe tormented her in such a way that she died only a few months after celebrating her marriage with him. Maria Felix.

Despite suffering the visual devastation of the disease, the singer of “Mexico Lindo y Querido” struggled to maintain his lifestyle. While the actor enjoyed the fight of Raul Macias, Mexican boxer in Los Angeles, California, a varicose vein burst in their digestive tractDue to which he vomited blood and there was heavy bleeding in the liver.

“Four Sings” he went into a coma You He died a few days later on December 5, 1953. This anecdote was recently told on YouTube channel.Mexican cinema storieswhere some latest pictures which were taken from George Negret, where you can clearly see The havoc of the disease did not recognize him,

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