Gomita grabs everyone’s attention with a dazzling bodysuit and high boots

Aracely Ordaz Campos, known as stickybecame a trend this Sunday morning after she shared a series of photos and videos in which she boasts of one of her most iconic looks with which she imposed fashion, However, there was such a sensation that his outfit caused bodysuit and high boots That sparked a whole debate about the presence of expayasita. Of course, steadfast to her aesthetic, the comedian hasn’t expressed her position in the face of criticism and instead continues to ruin the genre because only she knows how to do it.

Through her Instagram account, where the influencer has 3.6 million followers, she shared several stories in which her fans tagged her after one of her performances in the company of “Lapizzito”, where laughter and dance were not, they were missing; dont understand Sticky Fashion. And that’s how he chose his classic style for the occasion. wadersa leather harness, stockings and a glitter bodysuit Results in a perfect look worthy of a celebrity, as these combinations have become a favorite of all celebrities, including some famous singers like Dua Lipa.

On the net they say that this is not the “right” look for the show. (Photo: IG @ gomitaoficial123)

Now, it was the influencer and youtuber who took advantage of her time to flaunt a fashion diva on the stages of her show and opted for a black bodysuit with a pair of glittery overlapping sleeves, which it was ideal to deliver. that touch. Attractive to the image. On the other hand, he added a harness, with which he marked a mini-waist and styled the legs, although the final touch was given by him. latex shoes And high heels.

In the image of the famous lady, her loose and curly hair also stands out, as well as makeup that highlights her eyes and her best features. Of course, the look caused a sensation sticky She appeared on stage and in the network as well, applauding her successful combination and how much she dominated the catwalk as a model. “A real queen”, “beautiful”, “beautiful”, “she’s on another level”, “she doesn’t move, she’s a model” and “Best” There are some comments that are read in the publication.

Gomita was welcomed amidst screams and applause. (Photo: IG @ gomitaoficial123)

However, not everything was a rage on his show, as criticism was immediate and against comments further confirming that his look bodysuit and high boots It is not suitable for children’s and family shows, which many of its fans agree on. “He forgot his pants”, “It’s not a children’s show anymore, I guess”, “nothing suitable That clothes to animate the presentation of children” and “this is not appropriate clothing, there is a time and place for everything” are some of the ideas read on the network.

So far, sticky He has not made a statement about his looks, a combination that has been seen on several occasions, but with his publication in which he shows off the show and his looks, he wrote: “My Love Gomita”. He also added another video to his Instagram stories where he walks in the controversial outfit with the song “Sexy Movement” in the background and concluding the theme: “Wow, i’m sexy,

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