Gomita melts the net as a sensual little devil and shows off her curves

sticky I was shocked Network socialize with their costumes HalloweenWhich he continues to show on his official accounts, as confirmed by his latest post instagramA platform on which he has millions of fans, with whom he flaunted erotic diabetes in a tight latex bodysuit that was perfect for show your curvesAnd also revealed other daring outfits like her Snow White princess outfit.

Arseli Ordaz, The real name of the influencer and former Joker, adds more fans to her network every day, with whom she shares her most daring looks and also reveals the results of the beauty procedures she has gone through, as we remember That a few months ago it was a gastric bypass with which she lost several kilos and styled her silhouette, which she now reveals in revealing outfits.

Gomita conquers the network with an alluring outfit

Lapizito, 28, and Lapizzin’s sister, surprised her 3.6 million fans on the meta platform with her recent publication, which saw her wearing outfits that are perfect for the season HalloweenAlthough the celebration took place a few days back, it shows that it has always caused a stir among his followers, as the post has garnered hundreds of comments and thousands of “likes”.

Gomita mesmerized with her bold look. Photo: IG @gomitaoficial123

The content creator, who made his official debut in the now defunct program “Say Vale”, is one of the most beloved influencers on the network today and has become a style benchmark, and for those dates that have passed, it can’t be discounted. Is. , in their official account so instagram shared images in which he is seen wearing a “demon” suit, with highlights his curves And showed all her beauty.

“What’s your favorite costume 1-. Demon 2-. Mario 3-. Snow White photos: @danielsolisph”, was the phrase he accompanied the publication that has added more than 105 thousand “likes”, and with Araceli melts the net Showcasing her curvy figure with a black bodysuit that attracts attention for her design with a dangling neckline and straps in the middle part, which adds to the outfit she wore with high latex shoes and a ponytail Paired with horns, giving her outfit something sensual and provocative.

The influencer masqueraded as “Little Devil.” Photo: IG @gomitaoficial123

In the images you can also see the influencer in a very flirtatious and funny outfit, as he dressed up as the video game character Mario Bros, wearing a short blue overalls and a red navel, while in another snapshot he Brought her silhouette in a charming princess dress, with a yellow subtle skirt and blue top, crowned herself as a queen Halloween,

araceli ordazziIs known sticky For his clown character, who was also part of the cast of several multimedia shows, and appeared on the cover of H for Men in September 2017, he has won over millions of followers in recent times by showing off his sexuality And confirmed that she is the queen of social networks.

It evokes sensuality and beauty. Photo: IG @gomitaoficial123

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PHOTOS: Gomita paralyzed the network with 3 Halloween costumes

Gomita grabs everyone’s attention with a dazzling bodysuit and high boots

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