Goodbye Angelique Boyer, She Almost Ruined Her Face For Trying a Trick to Be More Beautiful

Angelique Boyer

She is one of the most beautiful actresses of angelic television, no one can deny that, however, she made a terrible mistake by trying a trick to be more beautiful; Well, he almost ruins his face and it costs him dearly.

It turns out that the actress, who shares her life with actor Sebastian Rully, decided to try an Internet recipe, a honey-based mask, for her face. And as he said, since he saw it as “natural”, he believed that nothing bad could happen, but he was wrong.

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And it turns out that her skin ended up irritated and with a strong rash, so she had to run to her trusted dermatologist to help treat the burn and prevent her face from burning or something. got help.

Angelique Boyer had to apologize

After all that happened and she got her beautiful face back, the actress apologized to her dermatologist via her social network, and recommended that fans ignore Internet recipes because they can be dangerous.

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