Goodbye Belinda. Danna Paola will get what she only dreamed of

Belinda and Danna Paola

Danna Paola and Belinda are believed to have had a feud for many years, all because Bailey supposedly has no one to shine more than her. However, the actors have denied any competition between them.

But once Belinda ended up with Nodal, the love zone became a minefield for the singer, as she didn’t come out of this final breakup well, and not just because of the emotional damage that a breakup would have represented. but also because of his image, the song which was very impressed.

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While Danna Paola will be in love more than ever, and apparently has wedding plans too, her boyfriend revealed: “I hope soon, we’ve thought about it, yeah I’ve thought about it ‘We don’t know when,'” Hoyer noted during his passage. Under the carpet at the awards ceremony.

wedding date

It has not yet been defined or known, but it is known that it will not happen soon, as they seek to accomplish some of the first objectives: “Today we are very focused on our careers, I want to see them grow.” Want to see, this is what I want the most in this life, see him achieve all his dreams, Danna is a dreamer, me too, I have many dreams which I want to achieve,” he told the media. Confessed in front.

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