Goodbye Belinda. The last thing Nodal did was to leave him in oblivion.

Nodal Y Belinda

Nodal and Belinda were one of the most beloved couples in the middle of the show; But their relationship, which was on its way to the altar, ended in the midst of several scandals, rumors and even money feuds.

But the interpreter of this stormy chapter faced bottle after bottle and the singer light without gravityIt seems that after Nodal’s many emotional woes and a drastic change in appearance, it is already over.

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But apparently their suffering has already ended and it will all be thanks to his new girlfriend, Kaizu, who is also admired by Reggaetonero Yandel, as he assures: “They are very much in love” and that they are “one Make a beautiful couple”.

Nodal replaces cashew

And it is that the singer of “We are not and will not be” explained that Kaizu is the only one in her life: “Boss, boss, queen, cheating girl and, my life, you’re also Julietta. , ”he said, commenting on the photos of the young woman in social networks.

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