Goodbye Belinda. they gave him a taste of his medicine


She got a terrible surprise from singer Belinda when she found out that there were people who were using her image to ask for money, so she denounced it on her social network, where she told her fans that they were not involved in that scam. Don’t fall into someone who uses them. image.

It turns out that in exchange for an amount of $ 500 to 1000, an alleged company through advertising on social networks, they will get subscribers and followers, and they use Belinda’s image to say that this is true and She she loves it. would have been used.

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Goodbye Belinda. last job nodal forgot him

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This has been a spoonful of her medicine for the singer for many, as much has been said that she is a master at getting money from all her boyfriends, so in the network they have made sure that the singer has karma.

Belinda would be very upset

And it is that they may be using his image to do a fraudulent promotion for which he has asked his fans not to fall into this scam but he has nothing about filing legal issues against those people. Not to mention who has profited from his photos without permission. For illegal purposes..

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