Goodbye to Lupita D’Alessio, the sleeping lioness says goodbye forever and the feet mourn her passing

Lupita D’Alessio

Lupita D’Alessio is one of the most loved and remembered artists in the entertainment world, her songs have made thousands sing at the top of their lungs; Joe Innocent Poor Dost or I don’t remember singing Dular.

And now, after a successful 52-year career, he has decided to start his way towards retirement; This was announced at a press conference this Monday, 14 October, in which he said: “I am already 68 years old, I think I have to leave, because of my age it is important to know how to retire ,” he explained to the press.

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But he said his retirement will not happen today, but it will happen soon, possibly once he completes his Gracias tour, which is the tour he is preparing for. But she did not take the news with sadness, on the contrary, it is something she looks forward to: “I think I should start preparing for that moment,” said the singer.

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So it should come as no surprise that he wants to relax away from the cameras and live a quiet life to enjoy his family: “I don’t want to take any pity” said the singer, who assured that his retirement would also be his age. will be due to, “I’m already 68 years old.”

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