Goodbye to personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram: EU wants to avoid targeted ads in future

The data collected by the social network as a result of the activity of its users is subsequently used to personalize the advertising that appears on the interface. However, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) of the European Union does not want this to happen and Will force Meta to provide more facilities and transparency to avoid this.

While the board won’t ban Mark Zuckerberg’s company directly, The Wall Street Journal has clarified that it will ask the Irish Data Protection Commission to enforce an order that allows users to opt out of restricting targeted ads. Meta’s official European headquarters are located in Ireland.Therefore, you must comply with the requirements.

As confirmed to Engadget by a Meta spokesperson, Still “too early to speculate”. The source details that the EU may offer legal support for targeted advertising and that the company is “fully” committed to the Data Protection Commission investigation.

In a start, the EU already bans personalization of ads on Facebook and Instagram EDPB’s possible decision could have a bigger impact on Meta’s earnings, Despite the fact that the firm’s spokesperson believes the EU may support them, it should be remembered that the body has penalized Meta more than once for alleged privacy breaches.

Meta faced fines of up to 405 million euros in September for child privacy settings on Instagram; and 265 million euros, for insufficient protection against data backups.

Image of tools Facebook has available to manage your data.

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