Goodbye to TV Jorge Ramos’ girlfriend wants to follow in Adela Noriega’s footsteps

Jorge Ramos and Adela Noriega

Renowned Univision journalist, Jorge Ramos, has been in a relationship for several years with Venezuelan model and presenter Chiquinquira Delgado, who joined the television station and is now the female host of Mira Que Bella.

However, television will no longer be enough for the model, as she has decided to start a new project completely away from television. Very similar to Mexican actress Adela Noriega, who is currently retired from television.

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Andras Garca has always granted his wish, although on one occasion he had to back down.

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And it is that Adela devoted herself to the real estate industry in the United States after retiring from television, supposedly the same occupation of the famous actress of Real Love. And now Chiquinquira will do the same.

Chiquinquira Delgado Partners with Lourdes Lubriel

This is how he published it on his Instagram, a project that involves not only designing and remodeling houses, but also buying and selling them. This idea started a few months back between these two women.

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