Google accidentally gives $250,000 to a blogger

Sam Curry (Security Engineer and Bug Bounty Hunter) noted on his Twitter profile that Google accidentally sent her about $250,000 by mistake,

In the tweet, Curry joked that “it’s okay if you don’t want her back”, emphasizing that three weeks had passed since she received the proceeds and that a ticket was opened for her case to continue. was, in addition, wanted to contact the company Reporting the ‘incident’.

For now, the engineer has kept the money because he is convinced that The company will eventually ask for it back,

Curry often receives income related to security holes and vulnerabilities from various technology companies, also telling NPR that No link could be found between Google’s search for compensation for failures and the amount deposited in your bank account.

Should the tech giant take too long to contact him, NPR says the engineer would have to “transfer the cash to a separate account to avoid paying taxes.”

Curry speculates that Google may have paid him by accident, and as a result, he knew he was right,

The European Commission accuses Google of breaking antitrust laws.

A Google spokesperson told NPR that “our team recently paid the wrong party as a result of human error. We appreciate prompt communication from the affected partner and we are working to fix it,

The employee stated that they intended to recover the money, and Curry indicated that he had Curious to know the frequency in which this type of failure occurs And how long do they take to check for such errors.

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