Google Assistant Call Filter Talks Telemarketers For You: Which Phones Is It Available On?

Technology companies are constantly innovating with their intelligent voice assistants to improve the user experience. A great example of this is the Google Assistant which takes care of salespeople who call from the phone so that humans don’t have to.

The feature that protects users from replying to these telemarketers is call filter, Thanks to this, not even those who insist that you change your bank or telephone operator or those who offer you life insurance will not disturb you in the middle of your nap, while you are at work or when you are eating.

Admittedly, adding to Robinson’s list eliminates these types of spam calls, however, there are some that slip away. for that reason, Google Assistant call filter appears to be the solution Which we all expect.

For now, the function Available only on Pixel phones (from Google), but may be added to other Android devices soon. The tool doesn’t hang to vendors directly, but is in charge of serving them and transcribing what they say through artificial intelligence.

Spanish users are the ones who receive the most unwanted advertising emails.

The Google Assistant call filter allows Pixel users to learn about offers that are meant for them in ads, but in a less intrusive way. That way, people can decide whether a service is right for them by searching more information on the Internet and reading other opinions. without feeling pressure from the seller on the other end of the phone,

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