Google launches ‘Mini Cup’: Qatar World Cup minigame for penalty shoot outs

Google has launched a minigame on the occasion of the World Cup in Qatar. This innovation allows users Face off two teams with a shot on goal, Furthermore, it introduces a rating system that collects the results of players from all over the world.

The tech giant has introduced an option in its search engine that encourages users to be a part of this tournament and know all the details of the participating teams. Additionally, you can Access the game by typing the World Cup reference in the search bar,

When the obtained results are displayed, a blue and white button appears at the bottom right of the interface, where there is a moving soccer ball. Clicking on it opens a menu in which you can read Name of the game ‘Mini Cup’,

After this, all the matches that are due in the next seven days are shown, and after selecting the desired match, Google gives the details of when it will happen. Start the game after choosing the country you want to play with And the ball is placed in the middle of the screen.

In the upper part, the goalkeeper of the opposing team with the appearance of an animal is located, likewise, it will move from side to side to stop the ball. The match ends when the goalkeeper manages to stop the ball or a player shoots outside the goal.,

On the other hand, a classification system will be displayed where the goals achieved by the player in all the games will be indicated, the classification in which the highest score has been obtained, and the classifications of the rest of the users that will be added at that time. they’re playing.

Mini Cups is available for mobile on Android and iOS.

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