Google Maps will now allow you to see what a neighborhood is like before you visit

Google Maps will soon get the ‘Neighborhood Vibe’ feature User reviews from a certain region Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and the local knowledge of people adding contributions to the map.

The tech giant is also pushing the immersive view of Google Maps. Instead of dragging and scrolling a two-dimensional ‘street view’ trying to see what’s nearby, you can do Explore photorealistic 3D aerial rendering.

New Google Maps feature.

Available on Android and iOS.

A wider view of Google Maps will be offered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London in the coming months; Even then, Google Maps can now be updated To preview 250 aerial views that will pop up in immersive mode.

On the other hand, users will enjoy the ability to get driving directions using augmented reality, as ‘Find with Live View’ will highlight destinations similar to how they would be marked on a flat map.

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