Google Nest WiFi Pro: A mesh ‘router’ that makes your network faster and more secure for up to 300 devices

Mesh network system is an alternative to the repeaters we are used to Promises to enhance the WiFi signal and make it more secure and faster. Either because you have corners of your home that your contracted Wi-Fi service doesn’t reach or because you want to improve its coverage, this technology is something you should consider.

There are many options in the market, but this time we are going to focus on google nest wifi pro, which costs 219.99 euros on Amazon, although it can be purchased in four monthly installments of 55 euros each. For more than a month, 20BITS has been able to test how a new device with next-generation WiFi 6E coverage performs.

Nest WiFi Pro replaces a single-router network with multiple routers to ensure coverage reaches Up to 300 connected electronic devices. Connectivity reaches out with new Google Mesh system up to 120 square meters And can be paired with other Nest WiFi Pro routers or Matter routers to further expand coverage.

The Nest WiFi Pro has two Ethernet ports that support 1 Gbps wired speed per router, 1 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of flash storage. In addition, it provides additional protection to the signal a WPA3 encryption (WiFi Protected Access 3) and automatic system updates.

elegant and simple design

If you’re one of those people who wants to improve the quality of your Wi-Fi without the repeater bumping into the rest of the furniture, then this product might be for you. its design very minimallike a box with rounded edges white coloredSo it probably matches the rest of the house because of its similarity.

The design of Nest WiFi Pro is quite simple and elegant.
The design of Nest WiFi Pro is quite simple and elegant.

Despite the fact that its design adapts to almost any decor, it cannot be said that it goes unnoticed, as its dimensions are not particularly small. It measures 130 x 117 x 85 mm and weighs 450 gramsBut it can be justified by the technology that is inside it and whatever it achieves thanks to it.

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How to set up Nest WiFi Pro?

The device, like all mesh network systems, must be connected to power in order to function. In the package, it comes included 22 watt power cordWhich will have to be plugged in near the home router, as an Ethernet cable will also have to be used to connect to the WiFi signal.

There are two ports for Ethernet, so when setting it up, you’ll need to make sure you insert the cable into the correct one, which will have the round icon with squares inside. Once this is done, install the Google Home app on your mobile and sign in.

Make sure you plug the Ethernet cable into the correct port.
Make sure you plug the Ethernet cable into the correct port.

Next, you need to search for Nest WiFi Pro by clicking on the plus symbol ‘+’ which is located in the top left corner. there you have to click ‘configure device’ , ‘new machine’ > Select the home where the device is and follow the steps on screen.

From the application, you can create A special WiFi for the guests And remove it when they leave, so you don’t have to give the original password to everyone who comes into the house. you can also control connected devices Set rest hours to make sure no one from outside has access or even access to the home.

You can control your Nest WiFi Pro with the Google Home app.
You can control your Nest WiFi Pro with the Google Home app.

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WiFi connection in every corner of your home

To really make Nest WiFi Pro run at its best, I took her to a house in the village Whereby I telework at times and the WiFi signal has given me jerks more than once. Internet connection and rural surroundings aren’t two things that usually pair very well, so I figured this was a good place to test whether the device delivered as promised.

If at home in the village I was used to slow downloads and sometimes found it difficult to make video calls, with the Nest WiFi Pro I’ve been able to see an improvement in this regard. I’ve done several latency tests during the time I’ve been using it and The results were clearly better than the previous ones.

The device is a potential solution to problems you may be having with your WiFi signal in your home. something very important Especially now that almost all devices are smart And usually connected to the network. For this reason, the Nest WiFi Pro can be seen as an investment that, although it may be expensive, can offer better internet than you’ve ever had.

score 9

  • BEST: Provides more secure, stable and faster WiFi signal for up to 300 devices.
    The Worst: The price may be too expensive for many people.

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