Google remembers the birth of Manuel Ponce in today’s Doodle

Mexico City ,

google gives us doodle today One of the most famous musicians in Mexico and dedicated to his work within the country’s culture and that’s what we can see manuel pons cuellar It is he who appears in the form of a cartoon among the letters of the famous search engine.

If you don’t know who we’re talking about, surely you know one of Ponce Cuellar’s most famous compositions, because he composed this song ‘Estrelita’ is one of the most famous children’s songs.

This 8th December is the 139th anniversary of his birth Manuel Pons Cuellar.

Who Was Manuel Pons Cuellar?

Manuel Ponce Cuellar was born in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. On December 8, 1882 and months later he went to live in Aguascalientes where he lived most of his life and where he began playing the piano, it was not until his sister The older man taught him that instrument.

they recognized his talent And at the age of six, for the first time, he played the song ofZacatecana’ and a gavotte named ‘Secret Love’.

Pons Cuellar in 1900 He moved to Mexico City and entered the National Conservatory of Music until 1903, when he returned to Aguascalientes to teach at the local Academy of Music and perform in various concerts. Cities like Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi.

Iwere determined to use the themes in their music Mexican folk music with European romantic style What did I learn while studying Europe about 10 years ago.

In 1925 he obtained a license to work in Paris. looking at the progress of the music Rapids that happened in Europe decided to stay there until 1933.

manuel pons cuellar He was one of the most recognized Mexicans worldwide due to the schools where he studied, in addition to the fact that in October 2010, heSociety of Authors and Composers of Mexico pays tribute to Juventino Rosas through posthumous recognition,


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