Google rolls out new functionality for making offers and bargains in your searches

Google is improving the experience of the buyer who turns to its search engine to find the best deals on the web. One of its innovations will allow users to find Coupon code to copy and paste When they go to buy a product in an ecommerce store.

Google intends that items with available coupons be labeled ‘special offer’ in the top left corner of the search results. The feature will be released on desktop and mobile in the “next few weeks”.

The search engine will facilitate access to coupons to buy the item at the cheapest price.
The search engine will facilitate access to coupons to buy the item at the cheapest price.

In addition to a badge offering a coupon for a product, Google will allow you to compare offers by placing different options side-by-side. Instead of showing a mix of search-related articles, Those on sale will be grouped into their own categoryTo make it easier to find the most economical option.

This is the notification that Android users in California received seconds before the earthquake.

Another tool to find the best offers would be the opportunity to meet price history of a product when it was at its cheapest and where it was available. In this way, the buyer can decide whether he wants to wait for the price drop or if it is convenient to do so immediately.

The folks at Alphabet are not only implementing improvements for purchasing articles through their search engine, but they’ve also proposed actions Which will facilitate the search for reliable information. With the new implementation, Google demonstrates its commitment to improving the experience for its users.

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