Google to shut down standalone Street View app in 2023

Google is preparing Standalone Street View app to be shut down in March next yearGiven that this service showing the roads with the actual image is integrated Google Map,

The Street View Standalone App will be removed from the Google App Store and Apple Will stop supporting more in “coming weeks” Application in March 2023As confirmed by spokeswoman Madison Gouvia.

Google currently offers the Maps app in both desktop and app versions. Android I iOS, In this you can find a real image view, street view, which also has Your own standalone app on the Google and Apple Stores,

this second Application Allows users to jump into Navigation with real image of your city streets Or your next tourist destination, and taxpayer, to contribute your images to expand the service.

In other words, the standalone app served two groups of people: those who wanted to explore Street View in depth, and those who wanted to contribute their own 360° images. Even then, These two functions are also available in Google Mapsand that’s why Google To end support for the Street View standalone app on March 21, 2023.

Find toll prices and traffic light positions with the new Google Maps application.

This is the date that the 9to5Google news portal collects: “In the latest update, version, Google has rolled out a handful of deactivate/close notices for the Street View application. These notices are still not visible in the application today , but our team managed to enable them.

Thus, this portal has different notifications located in the code of the last update of Street View that warn of closure and which advise both to go Application Google Maps acts as a street visual studio To provide 360 ​​degree images,

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