Google warns about a new spyware of Spanish origin that spies on our Internet browser searches

Google Threat Analysis Group announces an action that blocks a hacking tool that targeted computersAnd which was apparently developed by a Spanish company.

The exploit framework, dubbed ‘Heliconia’, came to the attention of Google after a series of anonymous submissions to Chrome’s bug reporting program. pointed to disclosure Exploitable Vulnerabilities in Windows Defender, Firefox and Chrome which can be used to implement spyware On devices including Windows and Linux computers.

The presentation included the source code of the Heliconia hacking framework and was named The ‘Heliconia Noise’, ‘Heliconia Soft’ and ‘Files’ vulnerabilities, Meanwhile, Google acknowledges that a technology firm called Variston IT (based in Barcelona) is the developer of the hacking framework.

concretely, heliconia shore Chrome renderer vulnerability and leak exploited sandbox, Heliconia Soft used a malicious PDF combined with a to exploit windows defender, files implemented a group of exploits From Firefox to Windows and Linux.

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla to patch Heliconia vulnerability in 2021 and 2022And Google comments that it has not detected any existing exploits of the bug.

If Google does not see current evidence of exploitation, it means that Heliconia is down, but it may also indicate that hacking tools have evolved,

On the other hand, the big tech explains in his blog that “the growth of spyware This puts users at risk and makes the Internet less secure. why While surveillance technology may be legal under national or international law, it is often used in harmful ways to conduct digital espionage against various groups.”

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