Google will now notify you when your phone number and physical address appear in search results

Users in the United States can now use Google’s new About You Results feature, which aims to provide: personal information that appears in search results.

Next year, this innovation will be activated and will allow users to receive alerts when new personal information related to them appears in search results, in addition, can request removal,

The fact of hiding information includes physical addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, Social Security numbers and bank accounts. To complete this process, interested parties should Fill out the form to request removal,

About You Results is available in the Google app, to do so, Users need to tap on their profile picture and select Novelty from the dropdown menu,

Tech giant’s employees and automated systems Applications will be reviewed for two days To delete the data, but in the event that the request is denied, there is an appeals process.

In general, this function serves to make people aware of the personal information that Google has in search results.

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