Google will show you the tracking of packages sent to you from your Gmail account in real time

Google is developing new functions for users to choose their services to make their purchases online. A few days ago, we talked about some tools, such as the provision of coupons or special offers while searching for products in your browser. Now, the company wants to implement an innovation in Gmail so that Package tracking is more direct.

As the company states on its official blog, internet users just need to search for the email containing the tracking number. Gmail will be able to introduce you to the information provided by those numbers. Estimated delivery date in inboxWithout the user logging into the website of the electronic commerce platform.

The delivery date will appear just below the sender’s name and in green, next to a small picture of the truck. As the package gets closer to its destination, the delivery day estimate will be more accurate, so it is possible that the date will vary.

With this tool, Google wants to prevent online shoppers from going through multiple steps to check packages. Instead of waiting for a page to enter mail, copy a code, enter a website, paste a code, and load data, Internet users They just have to see the order message in their Gmail and that’s it.

The new feature of Gmail will look something like this.
The new feature of Gmail will look something like this.

Spain is the fourth European country to return the most products purchased in e-commerce.

If you want to know more details about the transportation of the purchased item, all you have to do is enter the email and you will know If it is being prepared, if it has been dispatched or if it is in delivery.

For now, the new feature will only be available in the United States for “major” carriers in the coming weeks. It will take longer to arrive in SpainBut it will definitely be very useful for those who need to know the delivery date to know when they have to come home to receive their packages.

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