Google’s move against TikTok leaks: Improve your browser with more images and videos in search results

Prabhakar Raghavan (Google executive) told the Forbes conference that Google’s study found that about 40% of people aged 18 to 24 Use TikTok or Instagram to find information,

To address this inconvenience, the tech giant is announcing changes to display more images and videos in search results.

One of the novelty is the ‘explore’ function Application Google’s where results are displayed Continuous scrolling of tiles showing photos and videos (similar to Ali Fodder of social networks).

Change helps people in search of inspiration or a specific answer to a question. At the moment, Wired indicates that ‘Exploration’ Available on iPhone And will be limited to tourism and travel-related searches, with features starting in English in the coming months.

Respect a google maps, The ‘neighborhood vibe’ provides a quick view of trends in a community, showing landmarks and business review photos on local maps. Said novelty will use a combination of algorithms and human judgment to determine what content is displayed in a certain area.

The European Commission accuses Google of breaking antitrust laws.

Google also announced other search updates that are unrelated to TikTok, namely Includes a section on your results page dedicated to forum recommendations and sites like Reddit, the ability to take a picture of a dish to find it, and an augmented reality mode on Google Maps.

Apart from the Tiktok contest, Google Search may be modified by antitrust regulations of the United States or the European UnionBecause the European continent has fined the company for promoting its shopping services in search results.

This means that Google may change the way its products are displayed in the browser.

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