Google’s tribute to the DART probe after colliding with asteroid

The DART probe (short for ‘Double Asteroid Redirect Test’) has achieved this morning Its purpose to collide with the asteroid Dimorphos, 160 meters, about 11 million kilometers from Earth. After several weeks, NASA will have to assess the rock’s trajectory to see if the spacecraft has changed it.

With this mission, NASA seeks to demonstrate that it is prepared in the event of a real threat of an asteroid impact. After Effects, Google wanted to say goodbye to the investigation a small easter egg For both computer and mobile.

if you write ‘NASA Dart’ or ‘Dart’ In your browser, you’ll see an example of a ship scrolling through the search results until you reach the images that appear on the right side of the page. There, check ‘bump’ and Tilts the page slightly.

Asteroid dimorphos just seconds after colliding with NASA's Dart spacecraft.

After the dart drawing has disappeared, the web is still slightly jumbled by the impact. this little tribute Shows how important the success of the Dart crash has been in space research.

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