‘Gossip No Like’ driver’s report is serious

  • The news came when the show got robbed in the studio where it airs.

  • The driver remained hospitalized for a few days, but his condition worsened.

  • Lily Cabanas reports that the driver needs financial support, as he does not have the support he needs to cover the expenses

One of the entertainment channels which has become very important at the national level, ‘Gossip No Like’, passes through delicate moments in the forum, because via Youtube channel ‘Lily Cabins PaparazzMax’announced that the driver, Elizar ‘El Compa Yasso’, struggles between life and death.

Let’s remember that the presenter was supporting star host, Alyssa Beristane during Javier Ceriani’s stay in “Survivor Mexico” and was part of a segment called “Bomb of the Week”, which aired over the weekend.

Lily Cabanas, in a conversation with Carlos Alberto, admitted that the comedian was hospitalized because he started having liver and kidney problems a few months ago, revealing that he was in clinic number 24 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). Huh; However, he was earlier rejected from another hospital.

“He had a severe liver and kidney infection, had to do dialysis and was hospitalized in a private place … he had to go to Guadalajara to perform because it was impossible to cancel and he gave the show, they returned to Ciudad de Mexico and tried to enter a major public hospital; they took him to the race, they did not admit him and I want to tell you what hospital my dear Compa Yasso is in, he is in bed now Of the 21 are in the general hospital in zone #24.

Similarly, Cabanas commented that he had tried to move the comedian to another place, because he didn’t pay much attention to him, and insisted that his health was too fragile:

“They have told me that they want to transfer her… Although everyone is treated the same in these hospitals, they told me that at first they did not pay much attention to her and it is important to remark that She is quite fragile, this trip to Guadalajara made her completely ill and she is still very fragile.

Similarly, Lily explained that she needed financial support, as Elizar didn’t have the support needed to cover the expenses:

“There are comedian friends who have visited him, for example: Pepe Magna, Homerito…

The driver of 'Gossip No Like' is said to be in critical condition;  torn between life and death

Finally, the communicator clarified that the production of “Chime No Like” is looking for comedians, noting that they weren’t notified until a few hours ago:

The people of “Gossip No Like” have been looking for the health of ‘Kompayso’, right today they found out what was going on, because they practically did not share the news and did not allow them to tell, however Let me tell you that the family wants to keep it private… I’m sure friends from ‘Gossip No Like’ will also be there to support ‘Compasso’ as much as possible”, she concluded.

The driver of 'Gossip No Like' is said to be in critical condition;  torn between life and death

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