Government launches criteria to host space agency and IA’s headquarters: Which candidates stand out?

The Council of Ministers yesterday approved the criteria that autonomous communities must meet if they want to present themselves as candidates for future headquarters location. Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence (AESIA) and the European Space Agency (AEE), These criteria were previously validated by the ministries of economic affairs and digital transformation, regional policy and science and innovation.

While it remains to be seen which region of Spain will be selected, it is already known where the new locations will not be located: Madrid. Spain’s decision to ignore the capital region is due to the fact that the government seeks to promote the development of other geographic regions of the country.

Autonomous communities and local institutions will have One month period for submission of application And the Ministries will have a period of three months to choose the place where the Headquarters will be located. According to the government, “if any community submits more than one candidature” it will be evaluated “in order of preference”.

The BOE states that projects committed to “the assumption of the financial costs of the transfer of immovable property, the transfer or construction of headquarters and the assumption of support measures for relocated personnel and their families or any other” will be valued positively. Also, care will be taken that it is offered.Analysis of economic, social and industrial impact and synergy generated with an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation and research”.

The other criteria that will be taken into account for the suitability of the candidates would be that the autonomous communities and local institutions undertake the task of “start up”. support program For family reunification of employees, assistance for rent or purchase of accommodation, job search or job relocation of immediate family members, compulsory and/or continuation of university studies of immediate family members”.

Spanish AI Supervision Agency

With AESIA, the Spanish government wants to be the first in the European Union to have a state agency to oversee AI-based technology. Thus, wanting to prevent the entry into force of the politician European AI regulation of the future Which will force EU member states to manage this innovative sector.

To keep its headquarters, Spain wants candidates to have “a Business and University Ecosystemboth training and research”, specializing in Artificial Intelligence. Similarly, it states that the existence of synergy with leading states in the said technology or under its supervision will be taken into account.

Voluntary work areas for AESIA to be made available infrastructure And this suitable equipment Home activities related to the tasks that will have to be done.

It is available now.

In short, places should be prepared To both generate and acquire talent Multidisciplinary Technician: “with knowledge of both new technologies, various AI systems and their supervised models, as well as in the fields of ethics, social and legal sciences”.

spanish space agency

is part of the reform of PREPA Laws and National Security Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation in 2021and it is also included in Strategic Project for Aerospace Economic Reform and Transformation, As a result of its creation, the Iberian country will seek to match other European countries that already have similar organizations that guide and direct space strategies and activities.

In this case, it would be positively valuable that the cities that intend to present themselves to host the headquarters have access to air and land transport. They reportedly want it to be within walking distance An airport with connections to “international destinations related to staff activity”, A hotel environment that allows for institutional visits, a dynamic business, administrative, educational and social integration in the university sector and for the development of the family of employees, companies belonging to the space sector, public initiatives that promote a business in the region and groups develop ecosystems. of research in this area.

Image of asteroid Dimorphos from Earth.

Where can the sites be located?

Several Spanish cities have already insisted that they meet the requirements of the new state agencies to acquire at least one headquarters. Meanwhile, others who also notified their intention to present their candidatures do not meet the requirements which are considered positively.

Pilar Aranda, Rector of the University Granadaannounced on Radio Granada on Tuesday that the Andalusian city was ready to submit a candidacy to the Spanish Agency for the Supervision of Artificial Intelligence: “We have met all the requirements.”

The Secretary General of Research and Innovation of the Junta de Andalusia, Pablo Cortés, supported the candidacy of the University of Granada and, moreover, assured that Seville It was the ideal city for the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency.

Junta president Juanma Moreno was also betting on the Andalusian capital: “Seville has everything it takes to be the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency and the support of the Junta de Andalusia for the necessary infrastructure”. Within the same autonomous community Seville would have a competitor huelvaAccording to the digital newspaper

Zaragoza has positioned itself as a European node city in the Hyperloop project.

Another community that chooses the Spanish Space Agency in their area is canary islands According to Jose Francisco López Feliciano, professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, who has already submitted his project to the government, which is now to be polished. The person in charge of the report submitted confirmed that it is a “very powerful candidacy that has characteristics that set us apart”. [a los canarios] for others, but we need to work on this in more detail, as there are still some decisions to be made.”

for its part, Teruel That he had planned to bet on becoming the headquarters of PREPA, he does not have everything. The Presidency’s minister, Mayte Pérez, acknowledged that the demands demanded did not look “good at all”. “They have failed to say that it should have communication by land, sea and air,” Perez joked, despite the fact that the package of requirements was not good news for the Aragonese region. However, the counselor elaborated that they were not going to “throw in the towel”.

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