Grandparents Show Their Love: She Serves Her Husband

These grandparents are the proof that there is love. Photo: Getty Images.

immortal love Yes it exists, the proof of it is this grandparents couplewhat in social network went viral after the woman appeared in Video i will sing you one Love song for his life partner, under house arrest hospital By heart problems.

The recording, which has made more than one internet user cry, was shared on the account of instagram of Good Newsmedia that went viral Recording Only 15 seconds and that catapult International reputation to the couple older adults.

In Images is celebrated on grandparents couple while looking straight ahead Madam laying on the bed hospital, holding hands with his lovely girlfriend, who looks at him from the front and remembers it’s his birthday, so he decides to sing a song my love for you is great, of brazilian interpreter Robert Carlos.

listen to Love song, Grandpa Turn to look at your beloved and with the slightest force he extends his arm and touches her cheek. wife, Who keeps singing the theme song for them.

Recording Of grandparents far less than 300 million I like this, and almost 4 million notes Feather red social From “Camera”.

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