Ground Stop Due to Fire at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration had to issue a ground stop at the airport after a fire broke out at a fuel farm at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning, officials said. Flights resumed early Friday afternoon, the FAA said.

Airport tweeted That the fire was extinguished and the affected pump was switched off. After conducting a security inspection, the airline’s fuel contractor “resumed operations at their facility, and they are in the process of sending fuel to the aircraft,” the airport said. Told,

“It will take some time for fuel operations to return to normal,” the airport said. “Passengers should continue to check with their airline for flight updates.”

During the ground stop, all incoming flights were being conducted at their departure airports, the FAA said in a statement.

American Airlines, with the largest presence at the airport, told CBS News that ground stops affected incoming and outgoing flights.

According to FlightAware, there were delays in flights in and out of the airport with an average delay of about an hour on incoming flights and about an hour and a half for departing flights.

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