Grupo Firme cancels concerts due to Eduin Kazuo’s health problems

Through his network, Grupo Firme’s vocalist and leader, Eduin Caz, announced that some concerts scheduled by him in Mexico and the United States would have to be canceled due to health problems.

Without giving more details about it, Kaz revealed that he has one of the injured knees and on medical advice he will not be able to perform on stage, except is in rehabilitation,

“Family, it turns out I canceled the next dates because, literally, my knee got hurt and I had to get treated and I’m fine,” the singer wrote alongside a video of one of her treatments.

This was the message Eduin shared with his fans Photo: Instagram

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In the images you can see the celebrity doing some exercise with the help of his therapist and the obvious pain visible on his face makes it more than clear that he is not well, physically speaking.

He also asked his fans to understand at this time and promised that he would soon resume these commitments: “I love you, don’t get mad at me, but I’ll change that date later,” They said.

This is not the first time that the interpreter of hits like “Ya Supreme” has suffered health problems, a few weeks ago he was hospitalized for an emergency due to suffering from a hiatal hernia and he was unable to stop his drinking. was complicated.

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