Grupo Firme member reveals unpublished images and breaks silence about fight with “El Canelo”

firm group Continuing to give something to talk about, the artists are known for being one of the best-known bands, listing them as a “phenomenon of the Mexican regional”, because within a few years they have been able to create their own name and work. have managed to gain recognition. Internationally, this is why they are presented in the most exclusive venues and events.

one of the parties they went to guests The song was sung at the final celebration of the XV years of the athlete Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s daughter Emilie, it is said that the youth of Tijuana Baja California received about 3.4 million pesos to be part of the entertainment stars meeting with you Song,

Firm group with “Canelo” FB/joaquinruizoficial

although there are Video You Photo In which he explains how he had a great time, a strong rumor also surfaced about his alleged fight with the host and where it is mentioned that “Canelo” drove him from the place where they were singing. And since they are called “goleteros”, whose regionalism corresponds to those who take advantage of the food or drink that others buy.

in the midst of this controversy friendship break upSeveral members posted some pictures showing how they spent that night and for the most part they all look happy and even boxer On stage and hugging some musicians.

Karin Lyon also sang at the event. fb / jokinruizofficial

now it was Joaquin RuizoIn charge of playing the guitar and who started the dream of teaming up with Eduin Kaz firm groupThe person who issued many of the graphs never saw the day, in which they also show that there was a good atmosphere and that “Canelo” He was having a good time with her.

“What a great party indeed. whatever they say”, he wrote next to the series of images. With this statement, members of Grupo Firme remain in the position that the alleged fight with their friend is just gossip, but there are some who assure that there is evidence that they were asked to leave the party. .

Invited Artist. fb / jokinruizofficial

Joaquin Ruiz is in charge of playing the guitar. fb / jokinruizofficial

Another thing that came to the fore when the news of the end of the party started spreading is that “Canelo” has already shown the wrong attitude many times and he firm group Not the only ones who have been asked to remove themselves, there are others who have been called content creators. chamonic3 He did not reveal his identity.

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video | “Canelo” premiered as a member of Grupo Firme, this is how he sang “Ya Supreme”.

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