Guillermo del Toro reacts to his tribute in ‘La Mas Draga’

did you like it? Our darling Guillermo del Toro reacts to the ‘La Mas Draga’ contestants’ outfits that were inspired by the Mexican filmmaker’s fantastic characters.

Whose respect is the honor! In the funniest and simplest way, contest participants hottest dredger he paid tribute Bull’s William In an episode inspired by the great Mexican filmmaker, Winner of the Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture for Film water size reacted to the tribute that drag queens paid him on the catwalk.

like every season, hottest dredger It is beyond imagination to inspire the contestants with fun themes to win the prize of 5 lakh pesos. “La Mas del Toro” was the name of the November 1 chapter challenge in which the participants based their outfits on the characters. Bull’s William as Pan’s Labyrinth, hell boy You crimson peak,

When asked by a user on Twitter to know his opinion, the Mexican filmmaker didn’t hesitate to reply and expressed his feelings about the performance of the drag queen, who left everything on track. “I loved it! Great creativity!” said the director of Pinocchio by Guillermo del ToroNew Netflix adaptation of the popular story, which Received considerable critical acclaim during its premiere at the London Film Festival.,


Guillermo del Toro’s talent was reflected in the outfits of the contestants.

Although brief, the words of guillermo means a lot to members of the LGBTQ+ community, who were thrilled that the directors of devil’s backbone The most popular drag queens in Latin America have joined the show. Some fans took advantage of the moment of conversation with Guillermo del Toro to ask him to participate in the reality show hottest dredger To participate as a judge.

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Famous Mexican director.

William Del Toro The drag queens aren’t the only ones to serve as inspiration in the program’s challenges, some other famous figures of Mexican culture such as Thalia, Chespirito and Cri Kri have also received creative tributes., If you’re fascinated by Guillermo del Toro, we invite you to learn some information you probably didn’t know about one of Mexico’s most emblematic filmmakers.

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