Guillermo del Toro tired of “los chaperos” and “los derbez” in Mexican cinema

With the news that AMACC suspended the delivery of the Ariel Awards in 2023 due to financial crisis, guillermo del toro He has spoken about it, showing his disagreement with the decision, as the Mexican filmmaker assures that this type of event keeps alive promising projects within us. cineBecause of which he also expressed his fatigue in front of commercial cinema which he said was created by “los chaperos” and “los derbez”.

In recent times, the name of Guillermo del Toro has gained relevance not only because of his opinion regarding the decision Mexican Film Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMACC) will hold the Ariel Awards next year not because of budget constraints, but because of the premiere of the animated film “Pinocchio” from a Mexican director who had sought to make it for 15 years. ,

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premiere ofpinocchioFurthermore, it has gained a sense of cultural policy, due to violations by Cinemax, relating to failures in the distribution and projection of the film’s showings in its movie theaters, del Toro began searching for independent venues to present his film. For free, as he already does at the Cineteca FICG, which is located in Zapopan, Jalisco, the region where the Mexican producer is.

In addition to the difficulties the director faced in getting the film screened in his country, he also offered to cover the financing of Mexican statues for Ariel, as it is necessary for del Toro’s development to promote it. “New and strong voices in Mexican cinema”.

Within this framework, the director of “The Shape of Water” not only highlights the emergency of continuing film festivals and awards in our country, but also points out the monopoly in Mexican cinema by commercial-type productions, in which Rhetoric is lacking, as is the case with the tapes that he made by “Los Chaparos” and “Los Derbes”, for which he took the opportunity to mention some national composers and creators who, in his opinion, took into account should go:

“To all those who ‘botian’ about the Academy and those things: I already chide with Chaparro and Derbez and those empty rhetoric. See Tatiana Hueso, Alejandra Marquez Abela, Leila Aviles, Fernanda Valdez What are Adi doing. I mean, so that the squad is less noticeable.”

The Mexican filmmaker’s position has been lauded by some and criticized by others, as are those who defend the commercial stakes, the same people who suggested that if he was going to help manage the Ariel Awards, he should it should be noted.

So far, none of those people who have mentioned it are Omar Chaparro and Eugenio Derbez.

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