Hacking baby video surveillance cameras is easier than it sounds: Here’s how to protect yourself

Cyber ​​criminals try to scare children through video surveillance cameras to play pranks on parents. Some Are Funny, But Others Have “Purposes” voyeur with the intent to extort personal information by listening in on monitors or robbing vacant houses, according to ESET.

said cyber security company has warned that there is Two ways to hack video surveillance cameras Depending on the type of monitor:

  • loss radio frequency monitor They require a spy within signal range. Most devices use encrypted communication, therefore making the model a more secure bet, despite the more limited functionality.
  • loss wifi monitor They are exposed to hacking because they connect to home routers and often to public networks. These electronic items allow you to view the video feed via a mobile app, however, this opens the door to remote cyber criminals.

Las Consequences of the above cyber crime They are the transmission of live images of homes or children, espionage, issuing threatening messages and possible impersonation of identity.

tips to stay safe

ESET offers some examples so that parents can keep cyber criminals away from their children and homes:

  • Choose a Reliable Manufacturer Give importance to cyber security.
  • choose a model Do not allow remote communication through an app.
  • install an update Device software (or firmware).
  • set up a Password Strong And enable two-factor authentication.
  • Review the monitor log for Check for any suspicious activity,
  • securing the wireless router with a strong password, disable remote access and update any firmware patches.

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