‘Halloween’: Michael Myers’ deep inspiration to make

The documentary “Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest” is a standout piece of material on the making of John Carpenter’s film, citing real-life elements that helped shape the character of Michael Myers.

This year’s Halloween season brings the return of October’s favorite horror franchise, created in 1978 john carpenter, Fictional assassin Michael Myers once again terrorizes a quiet town in the third part of the H40 trilogy, Halloween: Last NightWhere Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode.

Myers has become one of the most recognizable masked killers in horror film history.With villains like Ghostface the Scream (Which was inspired by “The Gainesville Ripper” and the real-life serial killer known as Leatherface the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Which was supposedly based on “The Butcher of Plainfield”).

The real-life story behind Michael Myers (played in the original by Tony Moran) is like a collage, courtesy of the director of the first film, a bunch of horror and influence.

The description of Myers’ personality comes from a visit he made to a mental institution while taking a psychology class at Western Kentucky University., “We visit patients with very serious mental illnesses. And there was a boy, he must have been 12 or 13 years old, and he literally looked like that,” confessed the filmmaker. Halloween: A Cut Above the RestA 2003 documentary.

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When filmmaker Irwin Yablons approached Carpenter with the idea of ​​making a horror film set on Halloween night, “about babysitters being chased by this psychic killer,” He remembered the institution boy with a “really evil eye”, describing him in the script as “a pale, emotionless face”.

Several Halloween fan sites claim that Myers may also be based, in part, on Stanley Stears, who committed a massacre in Iowa in the 1920s.And even murdered his entire family on Halloween night in 1923. However, historical records of the event are scarce, so it is probably just an urban legend.

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John Carpenter during the filming of ‘Halloween’ in 1978.

Carpenter doesn’t mention steers Halloween: A Cut Above the RestBut he reclaimed Yul Brynner’s performance as the “killer robot that couldn’t be killed” in the 1973 science-fiction flick, done by, As further inspiration to elevate Michael Myers from just a character to “mythical status”. “Making him human, yes, but almost like a force that will never stop.”

Beyond his own statements in the documentary, Carpenter does not provide any further details about the boy he met in Kentucky all those years ago, but does acknowledge that he used “Michael Myers” as a tribute to the European distributor of Carpenter’s previous film. name was chosen, 13th police station area attackedPremiered in 1976.

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John Carpenter nl Documental d 2003, ‘Halloween: A Cut Above the Rest’.

In addition, he talks about his influence from Celtic traditions when it comes to the Halloween holiday. He and Hill were intrigued by the festival of Samhain and the idea that dark spirits are released on Halloween and wreak havoc on the living. There was a belief that evil could not be stopped or killed, and this is what Michael Myers embodies.

“Michael Myers has not evolved as a character in any way, shape or form since 1978; He is the essence of evil”David Gordon Green told the LA Times in 2018. “He’s someone who moves forward and reacts to the world around him, but not with any conscious purpose. And how the world around him reacts to his behavior is where our story comes to life.” Is.”

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