‘Halloween: The Final Night’: Jamie Lee Curtis bids goodbye to Laurie, tears in her eyes

Fewer and fewer days are missing for the premiere of ‘Halloween: The Final Night’. However, it also means farewell to the entire saga of the movies, which is why Jamie Lee couldn’t hold back Curtis’s tears.

One of the most beloved scream queens in the history of cinema is, by far, Jamie Lee Curtis, who co-authored the horrifying story of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode alongside John Carpenter. now what Halloween: Last Night Closer to reaching the theatres, Curtis shared an emotional message where he said goodbye to his iconic character in tears.

The protagonist of the titles, via a behind-the-scenes video created by the production everything everywhere at the same time, Halloween Kills: The Night Still Ends You between knives and secretsrecognized that, initially He liked the idea of ​​returning as Laurie Strode to direct David Gordon GreenBut it wasn’t until he revived the saga that he realized the impact it would have on his life.

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“Halloween: The Final Night” hits theaters on October 13.

When David called me, I immediately said yes. I didn’t know what I was going to feel.

It paved the way for a moment that would put a knot around the necks of all Halloween fans, as it looks like it’s one of the final days of production. Halloween: Last Night, Jamie Lee Curtis thanked her coworkers for their support and as soon as she said it, her voice broke and she brought one hand to her face, it was impossible for her to stop crying.

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Jamie Lee Curtis bids goodbye to Laurie with tears in her eyes

I will miss you and thank you so much for your support. They are wonderful people. To be honest, it has been an emotional film for me.

In the same clip, Curtis, who recently went to Mexico City to visit the National Museum of Anthropology and receive a sweatshirt from Lolita Ayala, recalled the difficult road that led Laurie Strode in her fight against a Had to pass to reach the last chapter. Most terrifying and beloved serial killer in slasher genre. ,He gave his everything. His heart, his soul, his blood, but none of that helped because Michael came back.”,

This prompted director David Gordon Green (Halloween) back on set to recognize the importance of an actress at the level of Jamie Lee Curtis, as she was not only the lead, but also a leader within the production. “Jamie Lee Curtis defines the Halloween franchise. She’s a collection of writers; when we came up with the ideas, she was very involved”,

And I add: “She gives everything from stunt scenes to dramatic scenes where she has to scream. It’s one thing to have her here as an icon, but it’s another thing to have her as a support and leader of the set.”,

Don’t forget that presale for Halloween: Last Night Available now at Cinepolis and Cinemax (here you can get your tickets). In addition, the tape will also feature the participation of Andy Matichak, Will Patton, James Jude Courtney and Michelle Dawson.

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