Have kids? This Is The Definitive Guide To Avoiding School WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is one of the best instant messaging applications to talk with family and friends, but if we move to a school environment, the platform becomes an essential tool to communicate with other parents during the academic year. could.

Specific WhatsApp groups called ‘VIth B students’ usually collect complaints from teachers, requests for homework, jokes or photos of little ones.

The sheer number of messages can be overwhelming for adults in some ways, so GoStudent (private learning platform) online) has asked more than 2,000 Spanish parents how they feel about it:

  • And 47,5% believe that there are groups informative,
  • And 31% consider that they are Serious,
  • And 15% them a. label as hell,

Carlotta Montemayor (psychologist at GoStudent) indicated in a press release issued to the media that the ideal would be for the group to establish a Clear rules on the use and abuse of chatAdding them the ultimate guide to survive.

Do’s and Don’ts in WhatsApp Groups?

What to do:

  • Summarize the meeting For parents who could not attend.
  • reporting diseaseinfection or virus.
  • reply privately For issues that are not of interest to the rest of the participants.
  • ask questions clearly and concisely,
  • share personal opinion About extra-curricular activities or reinforcement classes.

WhatsApp doesn't stop giving us news, but its competitors have tasks that aren't there yet.

should should not:

  • ask for homework,
  • express political or religious views to create controversy.
  • to criticize teachers, parents or students.
  • Avoid repetitive messages.

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