Have you been to Corona Capital? reported lice outbreaks

After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, the Corona Capital He returned with great force and a luxury line-up, with an edition that managed to gather thousands of attendees in three days, but it was not all joy, as he allegedly condemned on social networks outbreak of lice,

user in social network pointed out that on the last day of the concert, which was presided over by Miley CyrusThere was an outbreak of lice.

“If someone was barricaded at the Miley Cyrus show in Corona, check yourself after the show for lice or nits or itching. There are already multiple cases of fans reporting having lice,” wrote one user on Twitter.

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A woman defecated in Corona Capital?

Another Twitter user lamented that she saw a woman defecating in the crowd during a Boy’s Division concert

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“He stooped down, took a crap and went deaf, leaving the prey on the ground that a poor friend would later step on.”


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