He Bought Alfredo Adam’s With Baked Bread And This Was His Reaction

Recently Alfredo Edem was involved in an act of violence, but now he is the victim of circumstances when heget beaten up by alleged criminals, A situation that the social network did not let go.

Alfredo Adam was brutally beaten this afternoon Wednesday 28 September Outside your house, The actor was allegedly pointed to by witnesses Record the Victims of a Murder Near Their Home,

“A few minutes ago I was the victim of some thugs, some with serious injuries. I’ll tell you later, I’m fine,” the driver also said A message on his Instagram account. pictures circulated on the net and meme woke up immediatelybut a site Making a Facebook publication was enough to get them started all over again.

Alfredo Adam was beaten up outside his house. , Photo: Special

“Alfredo’s Adam Bread already!”

The actor’s recent episode was taken of a Facebook profile titled Club de Cochis. As per your description, it is A Place Aimed at “Food Lovers”,

The incident happened at this place Post a picture of what looks like pita bread Where something seems to be jammed, which comes out of the bun due to injury that definitely suffer when hit,

But what’s most important about it two pieces of breadIt is that they really resemble a beaten face, so the administrators decided to put it as a title: “Alfredo is already Adam’s bread”!

What was Alfredo Adam’s reaction?

post spread fast via social networks and of course it reached Alfredo AdameWho took the photo and put it on his Instagram profile with the words “Chale, se pasan banda”,

What did Internet users interpret as a gesture? better humor than a driver,

“I like your humor, I hope you get better soon”, “No I can’t live with you, I love you. I send you a big hug from Phoenix Arizona, hope you Will be fine soon”, expressed some of his followers Instagram, who applauded his good love, also wished him a speedy recovery,

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video | “I’m so scared”: Alfredo Adam reveals his attackers have a criminal record

Alfredo Adam receives a severe beating outside his home: “I see absolutely nothing”. Photo

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