He came from Spain to succeed in the Golden Cinema and fell victim to a terrible death at a very young age.

Golden Cinema Not only did it feature great Mexican celebrities, but it was also an opportunity for young international stars who came to Mexico to succeed with their beauty and talent. However, there were some who lost everything or became victims of The terrible tragedy that ended his career.

Some foreign actresses became icons Golden Cinema, as well as the so-called vedettes of file films. One of the first beauties on the big screen was the Spanish Elvira Quintana, a young woman who was part of the final stage of the period in Mexico.

film actress elvira quintana He came to our country when he was barely five years old. And it is that, before becoming famous, she faced the death of her father, who was shot because of the civil war and fled with her family to Spain. Even then, He had a tragic end and died at a very young age,

Elvira Quintana, the young Spanish woman who died for her vanity

Elvira Quintana was the jewel of the Golden CinemaSome of her films were “Basket of Mexican Stories”, “The Good Thief” and “Amar Bolero”. Besides being an actress, she also worked as a singer. And, in spite of her beauty, the young woman decided to undergo a cure which resulted in her death.

The Spanish actress has since decided to fix her breasts and legs, a fad of her vanity elvira quintana She was considered one of the most beautiful women of the time. However, then aesthetic procedures were not considered safe and she used silicone injections.

for longer, elvira quintana He suffered kidney damage and pancreas problems as well as severe pain. His health deteriorated, he even wrote a book about his tragedy, but he could not finish it. The actress died of a cerebrovascular accident. in 1968 at the age of 32.

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