He despised Fernando Colunga and now drives a taxi to survive

Fernando Colunga

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Fernando Colunga is one of the most popular soap opera actors in the entire history of Mexico and even those who haven’t seen his show certainly know him. He has also stood out for being a first-class novel heartthrob as well as having won many victories in each of his novels.

He has also been associated with a few as the tension and passion can undoubtedly be too much on the sets. However, there was one person who was able to leave this period beating heart.

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More news from Colunga:

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He did the worst for Colunga and ended up as a taxi driver.

It is about Alejandra Procua and his betrayal with Colunga in the telenovela ‘Maria La del Barrio’ where, being his girlfriend, she despises the character of Fernando, breaks his heart and ends up with another man. Lives.

In real life, Prokuna, forced by a lack of opportunities, set out to become a taxi driver and brought a fleet of these transports:

“I’m so grateful because it gave me so much as a human being: to grow up, to cope, and to know that there’s something we can be passionate about in life and most importantly, day in and day out.” The day is to win,” he announced to Formula Group.

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