He had the same priorities as Fernando Colunga, made Lucero’s life impossible and Televisa cried for his departure

Fernando Colunga

If there is one actor who has marked preferences, it is Fernando Colunga, there has been speculation about his tastes and his relationships over the years, but even though the press has harassed and questioned him over the years, he has turned his back. not given a chance.

And he preferred to remain silent, and away from scandals and the press, as previously did actor Manuel Ojeda, who had the same preference to stay away from scandals and remained silent about his personal life for the rest of his life.

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And actor Manuel Ojeda shared the screen with Fernando Colunga in Alborada, the soap opera in which he made Lucero’s life impossible, because he was her mother’s husband and, being an illegitimate daughter, he rejected her and was very much with her. Behaved badly, he even changed her. Money for Guevara’s count.

Manuel Ojeda Televisa. was one of the best villains of

Televisa cried out for his departure on August 11, 2022 at the age of 81, according to his representative, Gerardo Lucio, because of the complications he suffered from a strange illness: “About two months he was seeing doctors. Because that wasn’t what I couldn’t eat, I had a certain aversion to food”, recalled Lucio.

AlboradaFer. in Manuel Ojeda

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