He had the same priorities as Fernando Colunga, never married and Televisa cried for his departure.

Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga is one of the most beloved and famous artists in Mexico and Latin America, it is no secret to anyone; Just as it is no secret that countless rumors have been woven around her regarding her personal life and her liking for men.

The same rumors that have been fueled because at 56 he is not married or has children; Furthermore, no relation with him is known because of his great secrecy and secrecy. However, this was never confirmed, as Colunga has always preferred to keep her relationships private and her intimate life away from press scandals.

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And like him, Enrique lvarez Felix had similar preferences for privacy, as he too kept away from scandals and a secret if a love affair crossed his life. Like María Felix’s son Colunga, he did not marry and was not known to have a courtship or an affair until the day of his death.

Rumors of choice for men

Which fancifully fueled rumors of her taste for men, as the Colorado actor had never met a girlfriend; It was also said that as Colunga he was a perfect gentleman, with Lucia Mendez even saying that she would have preferred to have him as a boyfriend because he was a wonderful person. was. His end came on May 24, 1996 when he suffered a heart attack and died leaving this world. And although it was said that Televisa, a company where he worked for years, had vetoed him because of his preferences, it was a huge influence on him and he dressed in mourning to mourn his departure. Were wearing

Enrique Alvarez Felix

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