He left Silvia Navarro to his fate and now Andres García in his last days

Sylvia Navarro

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Life functions in mysterious ways but it always seems to find a way to adjust everything and leave each in their rightful place. Some people call it karma and this time it seems to have taken one’s favor but left the other person on the brink of the abyss.

The victim of this case was Silvia Navarro, one of the most popular actresses in the entertainment world in Mexico. She has almost always played the heroine or damsel in trouble in soap operas and has to deal with more than one antagonist, who has generally made her life miserable.

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More news from Navarro:

He locks horns on Sylvia Navarro and fate won’t forgive him

He despised Sylvia Navarro and they almost took her away from the world of living

There was a man who fell in love with her but later left her after impregnating her and regretted it a lot.

Leonardo Garcia was the one who left Navarro to his fate

The son of the iconic Andres García was a heartthrob in the telenovela ‘Perla’ released in 1998. In that narrative, Leonardo’s character falls in love with Navarro’s character and then leaves her because she is pregnant.

And this certainly affected his karma as he had always been in his father’s shadow and now it seems that his heart is filled with anger, ever since when asked about his father’s delicate health, he Answered:

“I am another channel. Sabki apni zindagi hai, apna channel hai. Will you continue to talk about it or my projects? I don’t interfere in anyone’s life.”

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